Kufaa – Tena

KUFAA TENA Bwejuu Women’s Cooperative & Recycling Project K e e p i n g   Z a n z i b a r   B e a u t i f u l
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Kufaa Tena (Kiswahili: to be useful again) is a project that started when a group of women in Bwejuu began re-using
plastic bags that littered streets and beaches by turning them into beautiful and sturdy handbags, baskets and similar items.
This work of Kufaa Tena, now also known as Women’s Voice, was instrumental in supporting the Zanzibar and Tanzanian
government’s 2006 landmark ban on the import of plastic bags -the first such national law in Africa and one of the first in the world.
Kufaa Tena/Women’s Voice continues today as a textile-based cooperative that still re-uses debris such as clothing and broken glass
from the beachfront in their evolving “green-sewn” non-electric design and decoration business. Their primry aim is still to help us
keep our Zanzibar villages, towns and beach fronts clean while providing a means of self-sufficiency for local women and resources
for local schools. Kufaa Tena began in Zanzibar March 2005 with major support from the Zanzibar Youth Educational and Development
Support Association (ZAYEDESA) in cooperation with the USA and Tanzania-based Osiris Enterprises and the Zanzibar Tourist Corporation.   
Zanzibar Loves
and congratulates U.S.
President Barack Obama.
A little-known fact is that
President Obama’s
grandfather lived in and
received his name
from Zanzibar.
In honor of this,
Kufaa Tena/Women’s Voice
 created the Barack Obama
Chef’s Apron and Multi-Use
SackBag from the traditional
kanga cloth in red, yellow,
or blue.
In late 2006 the government of Zanzibar became the first entityin Africa to ban the import and use of plastic bags. Hooray!!! for Zanzibar and kudos to Kufaa Tena for being a part of this significant milestone. Simultaneously, on mainland Tanzania in Dar es Salaam, a plastics recycling plant has been established. Tanzania is on the move! and Kufaa Tena has moved on to their next recycling project: recycled glass and tile mosaic art, reclaimed textile crafts and seaweed baskets.  Keep watching our site for our newest re-creations. For more information on 
Kufaa Tena,
contact coordinator Zakia Kibuda in
Bwejuu at 255-777-455-796 or email zakiakibuda@yahoo.com.For inquiries outside of Zanzibar and Tanzania, contact umtambuzi@sbcglobal.net Thank you for supporting our efforts.
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NOW AVAILABLE!!  Online Purchase of the Green-sewn Obama Chef’s Apron and Multi-Use Sack Bag  as well as the limited remaining supply of Kufaa Tena Recycled handbags and Baskets. Use Pay Pal to purchase aprons and bags at $20 each plus shipping and handling in the USA.


and Rest Safe, Secure and Assured as you Help Us Keep Zanzibar Beautiful