WATER FOR LIFE
                                  manufactured by AquaMaker                                   
                                  distributed by Osiris Enterprises     
 Osiris Enterprises most recent venture is as a distributor and marketing representative of the  AquaMaker atmospheric water  generator. The AquaMaker AM-10 is a water dispenser that continuously  collects and delivers up to ten gallons a day of pure,  clean, great tasting water from the air-an unlimited  source of atmospheric water vapor.  
        The simple technology behind the AquaMaker is based on the same natural process of air to water 
        condensation that makes dew and rain. Technically known as an atmospheric water generator, it has
used for decades to produce potable water in large volume for cruise ships, remote fire fighting
        and other 
emergency situations. AquaMaker has advanced the technology by making it small and
        attractive enough to 
fit in home and business settings.      
 More importantly, AquaMaker’s highly efficient air filter cleans the air and its proprietary water filtration system  includes an hourly recycling of the collected water through the water filter to prevent re-contamination of the      healthy alkaline 7.2 Ph water. The AquaMaker AM-10 includes a digital display that makes it simple to read      and operate. It includes hot and cold water taps that can be turned off if room temperature water is desired.       The reasonably priced no to low maintenance machine requires only a once a year air and water filter  change and monthly air filter rinse off. Purchase or delivery of water in plastic bottles is no longer needed.
       In addition to the 10 gallon per day size of the AM-10, AquaMaker manufactures four larger size units that 
       respectively collect and dispense 150, 250, 800 and 1350 gallons per day. The larger sizes are ideal for 
       use as backup systems for homes and businesses. With the use of solar or other alternative energy 
       sourcing, the AquaMaker is a stand-alone water generating system that has the potential to resolve water 
       woes across the world, before they become water wars.      
 Contact Northern California distributors Thabiti Mtambuzi of Osiris Enterprises at 510-435-1652 or              
 email umtambuzi@sbcglobal.net for more information about the AquaMaker and visit the Houston, Texas based  manufacturer’s website at www.AquaMaker.com 
       Osiris Enterprises contributes 2% of net profits from their sales of the AquaMaker to 
       their Healthy Village Water Project which will place industrial size, solar or wind powered units in African 
       villages where water is scarce or not suitable for drinking. 
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 OSIRIS ENTERPRISES ws founded in 1980 by Thabiti Mtambuzi. It began as a 
 technology aquisition, distribution, marketing and training venture that has
 extended to become an innovator in eco-tourism and hospitality, specializing
 in travel and people-to-people connections across the African diaspora.

 Osiris Enterprises’ sister project, IntraDiaspora Africa — IDA, focuses on cooperative
 training, research, development and publishing aimed at enhancing the quality of life
 for African women and children around the world, with the understanding that need is
 intregal to building the wholism that is vital and fundemental to restoring global
 eco-spiritual hamony.